DIKSHA a program initiated by the RCDSSS in 2013 aims to provide private education to vulnerable children who have been born into a life of trauma, whether it be through economic suffering, discrimination & stigmatization, marginalization, family loss, disease or disability.

    Why private education? Although government education is free for all, it’s ability to promote educational equality & successful literacy development is a systematic failure. Over 100 million children in India are two or more years behind their recommended literacy level, in some cases children as old as 13 have been attending school for 4-5 years are still unable to read. Private education ensures that even those children who are falling behind are catered for, equality is essential & discrimination ceases to exist.

    These children are born into a life of misery. From the moment they are born it is as if the whole world is against them. Society doesn’t nurture them it rejects them, it marginalizes them & discriminates against them. Diksha a vision born out of the fires of Rajasthan’s rural crisis provides hope & opportunity for vulnerable children, it puts light into their lives, compassion into their hearts & information into their minds.

               by Zach Fell, a passionate and compassionate volunteer from Australia.